Regional & Seasonal Cuisine in Bürserberg, Brandner Valley

A sensory journey amongst nature, culinary delights and togetherness

Meat dish in gravy
The Schillerkopf kitchen serves regional and seasonal dishes

Regional, innovative, healthy and sustainable are the cornerstones of our kitchen philosophy. Like our patron saint Friedrich Schiller famously said, "The surprise brings happiness".

So, let yourself be surprised by our poet and enjoy our natural and healthy cuisine in the Restaurant "MundArt

Surrounding yourself amongst nature, indulging in culinary delights and connecting with your loved one are the three major concepts at our hotel. Our all-inclusive gourmet service comes with breakfast, lunch/afternoon tea and dinner.

Sustainable & regional products from the Brandner valley, Vorarlberg

We value sustainable products and seek only from our region. No factory farming, no endangered species or unclear origin (such as tuna, seafood etc.) and always seasonal. Sitting adjacent from the lake of Constance and the Allgäu region, Vorarlberg is our focal point. Traditional cuisine with international flair, with a simple process and refinement to succeed an authentic experience. Our kitchen is the definition of "Gaumenpoesie", a tribute to our patron saint Friedrich Schiller, a proven connoisseur and gourmet.

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