A 4 star eco hotel in the Brandner valley

Enjoy a climate-neutral holiday in the alpine resort Schillerkopf!

Creek with mountains in the background in winter
Magical winter landscape in Brandner valley

Experience just how wonderfully harmonious an eco-hotel combined with 4-star superior comfort can be, during your stay at the alpine resort Schillerkopf! Our hotel may not look like an eco-hotel but rest assured, it is through and through. We care dearly for our surroundings as it is our greatest treasure, therefore our focus is to be actively sustainable. Our environmentally friendly methods include a photovoltaic system and woodchip heating, as well as heat recovery ventilation systems and LED lighting. We save up to 400 tonnes of CO² per year. That makes us proudly a climate neutral hotel!

B is for Biomass - W is for Washing AAA+

What we do as an eco-hotel in Vorarlberg

There are many eco-friendly hotels, but we are environmentally conscious, right to the last detail. Here is an overview of the measures we take:

  • Wood chip power station with biomass for heating and wastewater
  • Local delivery of biomass (1 km)
  • 220 m² photovoltaic system, production of 19.000 Kw electricity / year
  • 95 % of bulbs are LED (with warm light)
  • MSL regulations in sanitary areas (low flow rates)
  • Triple-glazed windows
  • Heat recovery in all ventilation systems
  • Induction appliances in the kitchen and show kitchen (no use of fossil fuels such as gas and oil)
  • Water-saving valves throughout the hotel
  • Grease separator in the kitchen area
  • 2 rubbish compressors for wastepaper and general waste
  • All cleaning materials and body lotions are biodegradable (from Ecolab)
  • Dispensers for cleaning materials from the Hollu company
  • AAA laundry by the Schulthless company
  • BUS-Electro management system for energy efficiency
  • No slippers in the rooms to actively avoid waste
  • Minimisation of transportation distances, thanks to tradesmen and suppliers from the region

... and of course, we use only the best products and companies from the region:

  • Mohren Brewery, Dornbirn (beer, wines, drinks)
  • Ammann, Bregenzerwald (coffee)
  • Rauch, Rankweil (Fruit juices)
  • Mayer Backery, Brand (all bread types)
  • Salzgeber, Tschagguns (best meat and sausage)
  • Güfel, Meiningen (fish from the region)
  • Alpe Rona, Bürserberg (dairy products)
  • Michelehof, Hard (distillery, whisky)
  • Schnapsatelier Walter Summer (distillery, liqueurs)
  • AGM, Bludenz (various range of goods)
  • Messerle, Mäder (office supplies)
  • Pilz Lenz, Wolfurt (mushrooms)
  • Gemeinde Bürserberg, Bürserberg (wood chips)
  • Neyer Gerhard Erdbewegung, Bürserberg (wood chips transport)
  • Josef Müller Carpenter, Brand (carpentry and woodwork)
  • Fredi Gassner, Bürserberg (joinery and woodwork)

Further information about the eco-hotel in Brandner valley

Further details about the technology of our eco hotel

Biomass power station
  • Equipment: 420 kW biomass fuel burner from the company Heizomat
  • Production: Non-potable water and heating
  • Woodchips: Freshly harvested forest woodchips, mostly from storm damaged trees. Delivery is from the local storage facility just 1 km away, thereby, no additional environmental burdens are incurred.
  • Operational Info: Buffer system with a volume of 12.000 litres, boiler system with 8.000 litre volume
  • CO²-Record: The trees on the hotel grounds take in more CO.
  • Power: 160 kW / 350 A annual consumption. Control of the electronics is by BUS-System.
  • Lighting elements: 95 % of all the lighting is with LED. Due to this, we save 70% on energy costs.
  • Photovoltaic capacity: Green energy power station on the hotel roof with a surface of 220 m² with an average yearly production of 19.000 kW.
  • Control systems: All control systems and pumps are new and energy efficient.
  • Energy management: Facility to efficiently control the use of electricity.
The equipment at our eco hotel
  • Ventilation systems: All ventilation systems are operated with heart recovery.
  • Washing machines: Energy efficiency rating AAA.
  • Kitchen appliances: Our kitchen uses energy efficient induction cookers.
  • Draught taps: All draught pouring taps use air compressors, therefore without the use of gas.
Cleaning products

All cleaning products in the alpine resort meet the latest environmental requirements and comply with:

  • The Austria Ecolabel
  • The Ecolabel – EU Ecolabel
  • The Austria quality mark for Austrian model companies
  • ISO 9001
  • Efficient usage through integrated dispensers
  • External Hygiene Analysis
Hygiene articles
  • Shower gels / shampoos: All the shower gels, shampoos and body lotions are particularly kind to the skin and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, everything from the contents to the packaging conform to strict ecological criteria and have been awarded the EU Ecolabel.
  • Natural pool: Our natural pool is equipped with an eco-filter which operates without the use of chlorine, salt or chemicals. Water is supplied from our own source.
  • Indoor pool: Our indoor pool is operated using chlorine and a new filter system. A new controlling system guarantees minimal, gentle use of chemicals with the best water quality.
  • Sanitary facilities: All sanitary facilities are operated using water saving fittings.
  • Grease separator: A new grease separator ensures that no fat residues find their way into the wastewater.
Rubbish / Waste
  • Waste separation: Waste separation takes places directly at the hotel.
  • Rubbish compactor: The rubbish compactor reduces cardboard and plastic volume by approximately 70%.
  • Hotel slippers: Hotel slippers are generally only used once and therefore create a huge amount of waste. Please bring your own slippers with you on holiday. Should you happen to forget them, we will of course provide you with slippers free of charge.
  • Kitchen waste: With fresh and daily produce, our kitchen team create dishes in detail allowing little food waste. Plastic and paper are separated immediately, and we avoid the use of processed foods.
  • Oil waste: We do not use deep fat fryers and therefore reduce the amount of oil waste.
An eco-hotel which saves 36,000 employee kilometers
  • Employee shuttle: Every day a hotel shuttle travels uphill in the morning and downhill in the evening. On average, 7 employees (5 cars) are transported daily, which saves 100km each car ride. Per year, we avoid about 36,000km of travel.

As our guest, you support our commitment as a sustainable hotel for environmental protection. Take a vacation with a clear conscience at 4-star superior eco-hotel Schillerkopf and send us a non-binding-request for your holidays in the Brandner valley.

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