Play tennis with the perfect backdrop in the Brandner valley in Austria

Woman holds tennis balls
Release the stress of everyday life with a little tennis in the Brandner valley

Your sporting holiday set in the beautiful countryside of Vorarlberg

Hit the ball hard over the net and release the stress of everyday life, not to forget to take a deep breathe and look up at the surrounding mountains of the Vorarlberg Alps. Simply relax and enjoy a game of tennis in the Brandner valley.

Plenty of tennis opportunities during your holiday in Bürserberg, Vorarlberg.

In the wild and romantic Brandner valley, there are plenty of sport and leisure opportunities. Therefore, the competitive tennis player can enjoy hours on the court.

Your choices in the Brandner valley:

  • Tennis Club, Brand Ämele – 1 hard court and 3 clay courts
  • Tennis Academy Brand – "Mental Match Play" including music, offered by the European Tennis Academy
  • UTC Bürs - 1 outdoor court

Your advantages with the alpine region guest card

The passionate tennis player that holds an alpine region guest card, have the opportunity to play on the outdoor court of the Brand Ämele club for free. However, a reservation is necessary.

Not only is tennis offered in the Brandner valley

Not only are tennis players catered for in the Brandner valley. Other sporting activities such as Golf, horse riding and fishingcan be pursued while holidaying in Bürserberg. Adventurers learn to master the dizzying heights and the wild waters in the Brandner valley. There is something for everyone! There are at least 10 reasons why to choose a holiday in Bürserberg in the alpine resort.

A recreational oasis for your active holiday in the Brandner valley: the alpine resort Schillerkopf in Bürserberg

After intensive and fun hours on the tennis court, return to the alpine resort Schillerkopf and make use of the wellness area. Choose from a health-promoting sauna session, a soothing massage, bathe in the sun with our hammocks and sun lounges or enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear natural pool, surrounded by the panoramic views of the mountains on the unique Tshcengla plateau. Relaxation pure for your active holiday in the Brandner valley!

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