For mountaineers and adventurers: Climbing and mountaineering in the Brandner valley

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Climb the most spectacular via ferrata in the Alps

Climbing fans will get their money´s worth in the Brandner valley in Vorarlberg. At the nearby Lünersee reservoir, you will find a unique climbing paradise in the limestone of the Rätikon. Whether a beginner or professional, every climber feels safe and challenged at the same time. Bring it on!

With challenging peaks and mystical gorges with mountain streams, the mountains around the alpine resort are ideal for mountaineers and adventurers. Of course, experienced alpinists should not miss the Schillerkopf!

Climbing and climbing walls in Vorarlberg, Austria

About 15 minutes from the hotel, you can find the Lünersee reservoirand it´s unique limestone climbing paradise. The climbing area is located near the start of the Lünersee cable car. The difficulty level is middle but even beginners find their paths. At the Saulakopf and the north face of the Kirchli peaks, ambitious climbers receive their challenge, even the Silbergeier, one of the most demanding paths in the world waits to be defeated.

Experience it for yourself at our climbing and hiking hotel in Vorarlberg! Our partner, BergAKTIV with their experienced outdoor professionals are waiting to climb with you.

Outdoor fun on your climbing holiday in the Brandner valley

If you can´t get enough of the action on your summer holidays in the Brandner valley, why not an adventurous bungee jump here in Vorarlberg? Adrenaline junkies can also experience other outdoor highlights such as tandem paragliding or at lesser heights, archery is also available.

Are you ready for an active holiday in the mountains of the Brandnertal? Then send us your no-obligation inquiry or book online!

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