Snow hiking in the Brandner valley

Walking in the winter
Enjoy the clear winter air during your snow hike through the Brandner valley

Winter hiking in the idyllic snow paradise around Bürserberg

One step after another, discover the beauty of the snow in Vorarlberg

The alpine resort Schillerkopf is ideally located for snow hiking in the Brandner valley.

Hike through the magical and well-prepared hiking trails throughout Bürserberg, or strap on the snow shoes and explore the unmarked trails through deep snow. Even on the Tschengla plateau offer special winter hiking experiences.

Snow hiking in the Brandner valley with the alpine resort Schillerkopf

As a guest of the alpine resort Schillerkopf, benefit from exclusive activity programs. Come with us on snow walks in Vorarlberg. We show you the most beautiful vantage points to enjoy the snowy mountains around our hotel. In addition, our partnership with BergAKTIV outdoor professionals allow you to take part in an unforgettable winter experience – many of which are free of charge for our guests.

To the moon: snow hiking with snow shoes in the Brandner valley

  • To the moon and back with snow shoes? Of course! BergAKTIV regularly offer guided snowshoe tours to the foot of the Mondspitz.

Snow hiking and sledding in Vorarlberg

  • The perfect reward awaits you after a snow hike in the Vorarlberg mountains: Welcoming schnapps, cheese "Spätzle" and then the fast descent with a rented tobaggan.

Snow hiking with huskies in the Brandner valley

  • Connected with a belt, one of Huski Toni´s Alaskan huskies will accompany you through the deep snow – in harmony with nature and man´s best friend, an extraordinary adventure on the Tschengla

Do you feel like snow hiking in the Brandner valley? We are happy to inform you personally about the most beautiful winter hikes around the alpine resort Schillerkopf. Send us your non-binding-request!

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