Togetherness at the alpine resort Schillerkopf in the Brandner valley

Unique moments at an idyllic location on the Tschengla plateau

Couple kissing in the water
Romantic holidays full of passion in the mountain scenery of Austria

Relax together in a quiet and natural setting

Enjoy the view of the breathtaking mountains. Breathe deep and absorb the tranquility. Away from the stress of everyday life, whether it be your partner or your best friend, just let go and enjoy the time together. Nature. Enjoyment. Togetherness.

Summer and winter, a romantic break at the alpine resort in Vorarlberg

Couple in pool
Enjoy your time out together at Alpinresort Schillerkopf

At the alpine resort Schillerkopf in Bürserberg, Brandner valley, you can enjoy an exclusive location at an altitude of 1,250 meters above sea level. In addition, with fresh mountain air, fascinating Vorarlberg mountain scenery, an authentic atmosphere and modern comforts, you can allow yourself and your partner to be spoiled.

Whether on a long hike in summer, a romantic hike in winter or cross-country skiing the fascination of the Vorarlberg alpine doesn´t grow old.

Romantic holiday in the idyllic Brandner valley

Action-packed adventure with friends on holiday in the Brandner valley

Not only couples come to experience the Brandner valley, but friends also come to celebrate their friendship. Action lovers will come face to face with unforgettable adventures. Experienced climbers are lured to a numerous and versatile amount of rock faces and climbing walls around the Lünersee reservoir. Even those that are interested in biking, golfing or fishing can enjoy hours of active entertainment.

If you prefer to travel in winter, there are also many activities in the idyllic Vorarlberg region: skiing , husky sledding and many more activities are available. Make fun memories in the snowy region of the Brandner valley!

Regional delights from Vorarlberg´s natural cuisine

In the evening, return to the alpine resort Schillerkopf restaurant and allow yourself to be spoilt with regional and fresh dishes. Finish the night off with a glass of wine, reminiscing over the day's activities, spent together in the magical Brandner valley.

Simply "hang out and chill" in our sunny alpine garden. Lush, green meadows, cozy hammocks and a refreshing natural pool are to be enjoyed together on vacation at the alpine resort in the Brandner valley.

Book your holiday at the 4 star superior hotel and send us your no-obligation inquiry. The team of the alpine resort Schillerkopf is looking forward to your visit!

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