Delightful holiday and culinary delights at the hotel Schillerkopf in the Brandner valley

Regional cuisine in Bürserberg, Vorarlberg

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A romantic meal in Brandnertal with a unique view of the Vorarlberg mountain landscape

We promise the best regional and natural cuisine

When it comes to health and taste, at our hotel Schillerkopf in the Brandner valley, compromise is not an option.

100% Regional and fresh organic produce is a reality at our hotel Schillerkopf. Out of love for nature and out of respect for our guests, we promise the use of natural products right to the last detail.

Taste the power of nature at our restaurant in the Brandner valley

The Vorarlberg sunshine, lush meadows, wild herbs, fresh mountain air and the energy-rich spring water – our products hold the power of nature. We use regionally sourced products such as the alp cheese from the Tschengla, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry and fish. In order to preserve the nutrients, we prepare our dishes with gentle cooking methods. Just as our grandmother did, we make all our sauces and broths from fresh ingredients. Every meal is prepared preservative and additive-free!

The suppliers we trust for healthy enjoyment in the Schillerkopf

We source our food from trusted suppliers who pride themselves with their natural methods. We warmly welcome you to live the experience whether it be by car, bike or on foot. Get to know the producers on site – dates can be found in our weekly program!

  • The best quality meat from Salzgeber, Montafon
  • Specialty fish suppler, Barbara Güfel from Frastanz - we avoid treated seafood such as tuna and shrimp
  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables, mostly from the region including apples from the lake of Constance (stored nitrogen-free)
  • Dairy products sourced from surrounding pastures such as multiple gold medal winner Alpe Rona
  • The entire bread sortiment is delivered fresh and daily by the baker Herbert Meyer
  • Best Arabica coffee beans come from local roasting company Amann
  • Local beer from the Mohren brewery, Dornbirn for the best enjoyment
  • Schnapps, liqueurs and whiskeys from Walter Summer, Fraxern and Michelehof, Hard
  • All wines from top Austrian wineries
  • Dessert and cakes from our own patisserie
  • Herbs grown here at the hotel

Quality enjoyment with healthy, natural cuisine

We care about ethics and animal welfare, so we rely consistently on animal products that have led a species-appropriate life. We completely avoid tuna, shrimps and other such species that have been manipulated. Only the best quality comes to your plate. Free from hormones, drugs and other additives. We also focus on old grains such as kamut or spelt and Austrian sourced stone salt. Discover the diversity of food away from the mainstream.

Prepared with creativity, skill and passion – without the use of a microwave or fryer, these ingredients become delicious and healthy meals. Our kitchen team will surprise you with unique regional recipes and send you off on a culinary journey. You will quickly notice how healthy our meals are and the positive impact it will have on your energy!

Allergies, vegetarian or special dietary requirements

As a guest with food allergies or special dietary requirements, you will be delighted with what we serve you at our gourmet hotel Schillerkopf in the Brandner valley. Simply let us know when making your reservation, so we can cater to your needs.

Vegan diet is a voluntary diet and our kitchen aims to cater as best as possible. If necessary, we can prepare individual meals from the vegan menu.

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Seasonal and regional foods are carefully processed in the alpine resort

Restaurant "MundArt" with natural cuisine and sensational panorama in the Brandner valley

The art of healthy gourmet cuisine

Our new restaurant "MundArt" at the Schillerkopf hotel in Bürserberg. At our restaurant, you can enjoy the high art of fine dining and regional cuisine whilst enjoy the phenomenal all-round mountain views. Our kitchen focuses on the essentials: refined, pure taste of the best, regional ingredients combined with gentle cooking methods. Served with an assortment of the best Austrian wines and spirits from local distilleries.

The ambient in our restaurant "MundArt" in Bürserberg

The ambience of our new restaurant in Bürserberg is wonderful: a silvery shimmer of the interior décor brings delicate elegance into the generous space. In the evening it becomes romantic as the pink and gold of the sunset floods in.

The panoramic window allows the views to extend from the high mountains to the opening of the Kloster valley and the Walgau. It is like a landscape painting that is forever changing with the movement of the weather. In the sunshine, the mountains splendor in all their glory against the blue sky and in the mist, they are mystically shrouded, never failing to fascinate us.

Other places of enjoyment in the alpine resort Schillerkopf

Choose your favourite place! In addition to the "MundArt" Restaurant, we have a second room with an authentic Austrian "Stüble" atmosphere. At breakfast and dinner, as part of the pamper package, you can enjoy the two rooms with the panoramic view. There is also a lounge and sunny terrace where lunch and afternoon tea can be enjoyed.

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