Ultimate location with easy accessibility: Our hotel near Bludenz

Route planner and tips for getting here

Tschengla 1
6707 Bürserberg

You will be amazed when you come to visit us for the first time. You will already be amongst the mountains as you drive along the Rheintalautobahn A14/E60. Taking the Brandnertal exit, it takes a 10-minute scenic drive to reach our hotel. Ideally located, just a 20-minute drive to the centre of Bludenz and a 50-minute drive to Lake of Constance, Bregenz – the city of lake festivals. It is a great location for small day trips!

Location & arrival

Perfectly situated on the high plateau with panoramic views, the alpine resort Schillerkopf, hotel near Bludenz

Hotel Schillerkopf in Winter
Also an experience in winter

Situated on the Tschengla plateau, set slightly higher from the Bürserberg community in the Brandner Valley, the location is phenomenal! At an altitude of 1,250 meters above sea level, amidst the largely untouched landscape of the Vorarlberg region, not only do you enjoy the spectacular views, but also the clean mountain air. In summer it has an abundance of hiking and biking trail opportunities and in Winter, it becomes a skiing and cross-country paradise. A perfect location in every way!

Information for your arrival and departure

Flight: Altenrhein Airport (CH) 63km, approx. 60 minutes; Zurich Airport (CH) 140km approx. 120 minutes; Friedrichshafen Airport (D) 93km, approx. 90 minutes; Innsbruck Airport (A) 140km, approx. 120 minutes.

Train: The main train station in Bludenz is only 20 minutes away. All national and international connections stop in Bludenz.

Car: The Bürs/Bludenz and Brandnertal junctions to the Rheintalautobarn A14/E60 are only 10 minutes away.

Transfers: For transfers to and from the airport or the train station please ask the Schillerkopf transfer service.

We wish you a safe journey!

Now that you know the best way to reach the alpine resort Schillerkopf send us a non-binding-request for your holidays in the Brandner valley.

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Location & arrival