Your summer holiday with many activities in the Brandner valley

Family riding downhill in the bike park
Adventure holidays in the bike park in Brandner valley

Traditional and alpine experiences on your summer holiday in Bürserberg

At 1250 metres above sea level, the Tschengla plateau has always been an important link to the inhabitants of the Brandner valley. While on your hiking tour, see the traditional folklore events such as the Alp horn blowing on the Lüner lake and the "Alpabtrieb" while on your summer holiday in the Brandner valley. At the end of the summer season, watch the decorated cows come down from the alps. From the Alpe Rona to the Bürserberg council building, be captivated by the alpine sounds and enjoy the unique cultural highlight.

Relaxing or active summer holiday fun, bathing, fishing horse riding and much more in Vorarlberg

On your summer holiday, immerse yourself amongst the picturesque setting of the Brandner valley. With it´s crystal clear lakes and tall standing mountains, simply slow down take in the beauty of the Vorarlberg Alps. Catch a trout or go hiking around the Lüna lake, bathe at the "Alvierbad", take a refreshing swim at the natural pool and dry off in the sunny alpine garden at your alpine resort in Bürserberg. Horse fans can also enjoy active or relxing rides in the Brandner valley. The adrenaline junkies are also well catered for with tandem paragliding, archery and rock climbing.

Active summer holiday with animals in the Brandner valley

Horse riding in summer surrounded for the Vorarlberg Alps

Green as far as the eye can see, shady forests and breathtaking mountain views with the added scent of hay. Horse enthusiasts can enjoy the summer holiday with a variety of equestrian sports in the Brandner valley. In the villages of Brand and Bürs or directly by your alpine resort Schillerkopf in Bürserberg, riding lessons are offered on a regular basis. For young riding students, visit the riding school to practice the handling of the horse and expand your knowledge. If the weather happens to change, there are also options to ride in an arena.

Enjoy the silence by fishing and fly fishing in the Brandner valley

Fishing in the Lüner lake
Enjoy the pleasure of fishing on the Lüner lake

Passionate fishermen who want to enjoy the tranquility of the water and picturesque backdrop of the Vorarlberg Alps are most definitely in luck! Unpack your fishing rod at the Alvierbach or the Lünersee. The crystal-clear water and rich fish stocks will delight every hobby angler. Domestic brown trout, rainbow trout, brook traou or artic char can be caught from the lakes.

If you are looking to fly fish, Brand is just right. You can learn the special casting method and tying knots at a 3-day course. Spend the rest of your days fly fishing on the "Alvierbach", on the Ill river, at the Lünersee or the Beschlinger lake. Such pleasure on your summer holiday in the Brandner valley, Vorarlberg.

Family day trips for animal lovers during summer in Vorarlberg

Hopping rabbits, cackling chickens, grazing cows, cute ponies and many more animals to see and pat on the animal adventure trail in Brand. On the 1.5 km long path, you will come across interactive play stations, a playground with a pond, a look out point and the refreshing "Alvierbach" to cool off at. A fantastic family outing in the Brandner valley.

Another fantastic day trip for animal lovers, is the "Wildpark" in Feldkirch. Located only a half an hour away, the wildlife park in Feldkirch is a wonderful way to spend the day with family. The park contains roughly 130 animals ranging from donkeys, marmots, wildcats, wolves, dear and foxes. With free admission and shady forest trails, this day trip is it´s guaranteed to impress!

Unforgettable adventure holiday during summer in the Brandner valley

In the footsteps of Robin Hood

Your adventurous sports holiday with archery and much more in the alpine setting of the Brandner valley

Feel like Robin Hood in the Sherwood Forest as you focus on the target and hit the bull's eye. Float like a feather and enjoy the view from above as you tandem paraglide down the Brandner valley . After a long wait and lots of effort, revel in the joy of hooking a big fish! There are many unique and unforgettable adventures to be had in the Brandner valley.


Follow in the footsteps of Robin Hood with archery in Brand and Büserberg

True marksmen as well as beginners have come to the right place to test their skills. The ACS-Brand offers a 3D course with 34 stations and roughly 40 animal replicas to provide an authentic atmosphere in the Brandner valley. There is also an archery hall and forest arena with 14 3D discs. The is also a third 3D archery course with 28 stations near your alpine resort on the Tschengla. For beginners, why not sign up for an introductory course?

Boy in the climbing garden in Vorarlberg, Austria
Climb up rock walls or visit the climbing garden with the whole family in your adventure holidays

Marvel at the Vorarlberg Alps as you tandem paraglide down the valley

Extraordinary views and new perspectives are promised as you tandem paraglide down the valley in the Montafon. Let an experienced paraglider pilot take you up into the valley and skillfully bring you back to safety. Enjoy the majestic views of the Silvretta area in Montafon, Gargellen and Golm. Complete freedom – an unforgettable highlight on your summer holiday in the Brandner valley, Vorarlberg.

Rock walls, climbing gardens and crystal-clear waters in the Brandner valley

Adventurous climbing is also an option. Climb up the ruggered cliffs of the Kirchlispitzen or the Saulakopf. Once you have reached the top, be rewarded with the breathtaking views of the Vorarlberger alpine region.

Even fishermen have the luck of catching a fish from the crystal-clear creek "Alvierbach" or the Lüner lake. Enjoy the nature on your summer holiday in the Brandner valley.

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