How the vision of a special hotel in Bürserberg came true

History, hosts and philosophy at the alpine resort Schillerkopf

Marcel and Roché Bosek are in the Hotel
Yours hosts at the alpine resort Schillerkopf: Marcel and Roché Bosek

In 2003, we, brothers Marcel and Roché Bosek, did not hesitate for a second when our parents decided to hand over the management of their hotel in Bürserberg. Although neither of us were yet 30 years old at the time, the Schillerkopf was not only our home but also a living family history. A precious heritage that was important for us to develop and keep guarded.

In 2012, we expanded the Schillerkopf to 70 rooms and suites and developed it further into an environmentally friendly exclusive alpine resort with 4-star superior quality. Combined with modern design and traditional comfort, it makes for a wonderful holiday experience.

The heart and soul of our hotel on the Tschengla have of remained, and of course, our parents have continued to proudly accompany us. Our father Richard cares passionately and understandably for all technical matters and our mother Christine caters to the appearance of the hotel and garden. They are always there to help you, our dear guests.

The history of our hotel in Bürserberg – a century of family tradition

In 1927 our great-grandparents built an inn on the farmland they acquired in 1899. The old villagers, who still knew our great-grandparents, say that they were very sociable and hospitable. In 1929 the guest house Schillerkopfcelebrated its opening with 17 multi-bedrooms including a large dining area and Stüble with a tiled stove. Even then, our great-grandfather Alois Dünser set the standards high: His guest house became the first inn with a shared bathroom and telephone!

His son Albert, the inn keeper, wholeheartedly, took over the inn and expanded by adding 5 new guest rooms. Our grandfather was a very strong and kind-hearted man. People in the village remember him today as the Robin Hood of the Brandner valley. In times of great despair, he hunted the woods and distributed the rewards to the hungry people in the village. Even during the better times, he was still very charitable. His game sausage, disguised as beef and pork sausages also found many takers…

Friedrich Schiller – the man they named the mountain after and the inspiration behind the name of our hotel Bürserberg, would have certainly enjoyed our grandfathers' free spirit…

The philosophy of our hotel in Bürserberg, the alpine resort Schillerkopf

From this, the philosophy of the alpine resort was developed and continues to this very day.

The Schillerkopf: a place of power, where values such as unity, friendship and generosity can be felt. A place of peace and joy of life, where mind, body and soul feel at home.

Anchored in family history, tradition and home, we shape the present and future of our hotel in Bürserberg with passion and joy – and are always mindful of nature.

We look forward to greeting you… with the warmest of welcomes to the alpine resort Schillerkopf!

The 2nd generation: Albert & Josefa – the good times and the bad

After the war, Albert married his housekeeper Josefa. They had two children, Elisabeth born in 1949 and Christine, our mother, born in 1951. After many successful years, difficult times were to follow. In 1965, the inn burnt to the ground. Albert died the following year and in 1967, Elisabeth was in a fatal car accident, just a year after giving birth to her son Peter.

Christine and Richard decided to rebuild in 1977

10 years later our mother Christine and her husband Richard Bosek decided to commit and rebuild the hotel. On the 23. September 1977, they celebrated the opening of the new hotel Schillerkopf. With 40 beds, a restaurant, sauna and disco, the family suffered again, as another fire swept through their hotel in March 1983. This time only parts of the hotel were affected. Determined not to give up, they rebuilt with the addition of an indoor swimming pool, billiards room, ski rental and a new spa area. This brought the hotel to a 4-star level. A year later they added a tennis court and trout pond and in 1985 a horse stable. Further expansion and renovations were completed in 2003 before being handed over to us.

From hotel to alpine resort Schillerkopf: Providing great excitement in the Brandner valley.

The successful conversion from a hotel to alpine resort. We are proud that our philosophy is consistently felt by our guests. Get your own impression and send us a non-binding-request for a holiday in the 4-star superior alpine resort Schillerkopf.

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