News on Covid-19/Corona - Safe skiing holiday in Vorarlberg at the Alpine Resort Schillerkopf

Update on Covid-19 determinations & the coronavirus situation in Austria.

More about Corona, entry, stay & ski vacation in Vorarlberg

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Covid-19 - Info on the current Corona regulations for your ski vacation.

In order to slow the global spread of the coronavirus and to continue to keep the covid-19 situation in Austria as low as possible, new regulations or rules are continually being published by the Austrian federal government.

From experience we know that due to this brisk change of coronavirus determinations many guests are uncertain and quickly lose the overview.

Nevertheless, in order to guarantee you the most relaxing holiday possible in the Brandnertal, we have listed below all the regulations relevant to you as hotel guests and vacationers.

For more information, contact the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection directly at any time.

Find out more about the following topics:

General Corona Regulations

General Corona regulations as of 05 March 2022

As of 05 March 2022, all Corona restrictions will largely be dropped:

  • No access regulations & upper limits for personsat events or gatherings.
  • Abolition of the curfew
  • Opening of the night catering
  • Consumption at events is allowed
  • FFP2 mask obligation only in vital trade (supermarket, post office, banks, pharmacies, etc.) and public transport. In all other places, there is still a recommendation to wear an FFP2 mask in enclosed spaces!

Entry & Entry regulation

Entry & Entry regime as of February 21, 2022.

As of February 21, 2022, the applicable entry requirements will be aligned with the generally applicable Corona requirements:

  • Proof of 3G at entry from all countries, i.e. demonstrably vaccinated or recovered or PCR-tested.

Restrictions in the area of gastronomy

Restrictions in the area of gastronomy as of 05 March 2022

As of 05 March 2022, all Corona restrictions in the catering industry will be dropped:

  • No access restrictions
  • No general curfew

Free Corona Tests & Antigen Tests

More information about free antigen testing opportunities and the exact locations in Vorarlberg can be found at „Vorarlberg tests“. Guests can get tested by appointment in cooperation with the local pharmacy in Brand.

Safe vacation at the Alpine Resort Schillerkopf in the Brandnertal valley

At Alpinresort Schillerkopf, PCR tests take place for employees every 3rd day. In addition, disinfection dispensers are distributed throughout the house and the cleaning frequency has been significantly increased.

For more info or additional further questions about your ski vacation in the Alpinresort Schillerkopf you can contact us at any time by phone at +43 5552 63104 or by e-mail to To the exact direction and the location in Bürserberg you can also inform yourself already in advance.

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